Family Connects Texas is a free evidence-based, nurse home visiting program for all families with newborns. 

The Family Connects Texas program supports parents by linking nurses, community resources, and families. Our mission is to connect you with resources that nurture your whole family and support your child. It’s about planting seeds for the future. Together, we’re growing healthy babies!


What can Family Connects Texas do for you?

Having a new baby affects families in many ways. Family Connects Texas nurses are trained to answer your questions and connect you with the support you need. Here are a few things Family Connects Texas nurses can do for your family:

  • Give you tips on safe sleep

  • Help you with baby’s crying

  • Teach other family members about baby

  • Tell you about parent support groups

  • Give you tips to help baby learn

  • Tell you about family planning options

  • Plan for visiting the doctor

  • Check baby’s weight

  • Check mom’s health

  • Help with feeding baby

  • Screen mom for Postpartum Depression

  • Tell you about child care options

  • Help plan to go back to work

  • Give tips on bath time & changing diapers

Pediatricians and newborns

For Parents

Babies don’t come with an instruction manual, so let Family Connects Texas fill in the gaps. Learn about home visits for all families.

Newborn nurse home visits in Texas

For Providers

Family Connects Texas is an evidence-based program, rigorously evaluated and implemented across the United States.



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