Ways and Means Podcast: Answering New Parents’ Cries for Help

On this episode of Ways & Means, we go inside an innovative, free public program that helps new moms and dads adjust to life with a newborn. In each location where the Family Connects program is offered, all families, rich and poor, are eligible to have a visiting nurse come right to the home after the birth of a child.

The program has been shown to improve parenting behavior and reduce emergency medical care for infants.

FOX 7 Austin: How Family Connects is Serving the Austin Community

AUSTIN, Texas - Family Connects is a partnership between United Way for Greater Austin and Austin Public Health. It's a program that provides a free nurse home visit to every family with a newborn in Austin and Travis County. The program has started with births at St. David's South and is growing to other hospitals.

University of Texas: Family Connects: Connecting Families with Community Services in Central Texas

Family Connects supports newborns and their families by functioning as a screening and triage tool to identify families in need of support and connect them with resources in the community. The goal of the program is to visit with every family in their home after the birth of a new baby. During the visit, a nurse assesses the family's strengths and needs, provides support and guidance, and also connects the family with community services based on the family’s specific needs and preferences. Studies from the implementation of the program in North Carolina, Durham Connects (DC), has shown that DC infants had 59 percent fewer infant emergency medical care episodes in the first six months of life than the control infants. The DC mothers reported fewer infant emergency care episodes as well as more community connections, more positive parenting behaviors, participation in higher quality child care, and lower rates of anxiety than control mothers…

United Way for Greater Austin: In Good Hands, From Day One

It’s not news to us that Austin is growing at an astounding rate, with more than 150 people moving here daily. But there are other challenges that come with rapid growth, besides the traffic. A large number of those newcomers are moving here for job opportunities, and often early in their careers. This strong flow of young transplants means that many people living in Austin are far from their traditional support structures such as family and friends. When they start their own families in Austin, they’re unlikely to have access to the helpful community they’re used to leaning on…


Bringing home a new baby is an exciting time. But for parents it is also a time full of questions, worries, and physical and emotional challenges, whether they are caring for their first child or they are experienced parents responding to their baby’s unique temperament and health needs. For families of all backgrounds, questions can range from the baby’s eating, sleeping, and soothing habits to more complex questions such as the baby’s medical, safety, and child development concerns…